Bitcoin Progressive Jackpots

Review on the Rewarding Bitcoin Progressive Jackpots

The Bitcoin progressive jackpots have been made available decades ago, and both online and land-based casinos now offer it as part of their features to ensure players get the best of experience.

The reason why the progressive jackpot is unique and special is the fact that they give players to make big wins. There is a manner in which the progressive jackpot accumulates; each time a player wagers, the progressive jackpot pool will be increased by a small amount. This is to say that different players all around the world make significant contribution to the progressive jackpot slot, after all this, a lucky player is going to amass all these wealth. After it has been won, the pool will be reset to the initial amount

There is every possibility for the progressive jackpot to be 5-reel or 3-reel games, but then the progressive jackpot is what differentiates them from other games. When you can align some paying symbols, you will hit the progressive jackpot and make big wins

In some cases, there may be varieties of slot games. When each of them is connected to the jackpot pool, it is going to become huge within a few days

Looking at the payout rate between slots and progressive jackpot, both are 95% and 75% are respectively. You can divide the games into the bonus game, classic slots, and video slots. This can be quickly figured out even though you want to try out a progressive one or not

How to Play Progressive Slots

For you to enjoy a progressive jackpot of your choice, what you are to do is to choose a coin value. After then you can determine those pay-lines even with the bet that you will like to have on each of the pay lines. Just select the SPIN button and chill till you can come up with a great winning combination. When wins are made, then you will have to decide whether you want to withdraw your money or you will like to reinvest

Just in case you are very familiar with slots, the betting techniques mentioned earlier will look very familiar to you. Having said this, the progressive jackpot will be a way in which you can try out some profits. The tips you will be able to make use of include

  • Placing a big amount of money is an indication that you will be rewarded with a huge amount of money if you can land the progressive jackpot.
  • It’s advisable to play according to your bankroll, the jackpot might probably tempt you, but then do not wager the amount that will affect you if at all you lose
  • Many players are always eager to see the outcome of the game, but then they are advised not to use the Autoplay function.

The Most Popular Progressive Jackpot Games

Players that have decided to enjoy the progressive jackpot and wish to make a deposit using Bitcoin will be very happy that there are some reputable software provider that has made provision for some slots that are Bitcoin-friendly

The popular progressive jackpots include the Mega Moolah and the Fantastic four

Mega Moolah

Microgaming is responsible for the release of the game, and it is regarded as the “Millionaire Maker.” The progressive jackpot provided for is the reason why it was given this name, and it is up to £1 million. The amazing Mega Moolah is split in different varieties, which include Five Reel Drive, Dark Knight, Isis, and Summer time. The progressive jackpot slot is being contributed to by all of these varieties

Fantastic Four

Playtech is responsible for the powering of the Fantastic Four.

Even though you are enthusiastic about slots or not, you must have heard about the Marveled-themed slot. The graphics are incredible, and consistent profit is ensured. The theme is that of a superhero, and the bonuses are of different varieties

Some of the other progressive slots that are amazing include Megabucks, the Avengers, Wheel of Fortunes and Elvis