Live Casino Dealer

Review on the Credible and Interesting Live Casino Dealer

Some online casinos have indicated that their operation is with great continuity due to their live offerings, but then their fairness has been questioned by the majority of the players.

The independent audit agencies do carry out a regular test on credible online casinos. But then players that are not satisfied are given a chance to enjoy the live dealer which is made available on any of the casinos that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method

The online gambling industry is being developed naturally by Live dealer casinos. Players are given a chance to enjoy the exciting casino games right from the comforts of their home, all that have effected; this is the technological advancement and the speedy internet connection. Moving to the nearest land-based venue before you can enjoy gameplay is not of serious importance; all can be done online, and you will still have the exact feelings just like a land-based. They favorite games you can enjoy on this live dealer include Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Poker and Roulette

Many of the live dealers operate right from the studio, and quality streaming is ensured. Just keep an eye on any of the actions, and observe how the cards are being dealt with

How it works

On the first look, you might find it hard to differentiate between the Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette in the selection of the table games and those on the live dealer. But then there are so many functions on the live dealer. The buttons to place a bet and the actions of the players can be seen right on the table layout. A human being is supervising all process in the game, but the Random number generator is used to determine the outcome


There are so many reasons why players prefer to enjoy the live dealer, the reasons include

  • All activities carried out on the game are handled by humans rather than the Random Number Generator.
  • The way losers and winners are determined very much traditional
  • The technology used is quite advanced which is responsible for a fantastic gameplay
  • Provision is made for a chat feature to enable you to ask some important questions
  • There is a social interaction between the dealer and players


The live dealer games are considered to be very interesting, and this is the very reason why players love to play it compared to that table games. Even with this credit given to it, there are so many disadvantages to carrying out gameplay on the live dealer

  • The action of the games are at a slow pace, and this can be kind of frustrating
  • Provision is not made for a turbo option that will give you the chance to speed up the game
  • Talking about the stakes that can be selected, the offers given by the live dealer are kind of limited. Even though the stakes might be higher than the ones that you can enjoy on the Table games
  • Running a live dealer is quite expensive, going the features such as studio, live dealer, and live streaming.
  • For this reason, players that are with low budget can be rarely seen on the live dealer
  • Lastly, your internet connection will determine how smooth your gameplay will be, and if you have a poor internet connection, you may be frustrated

The live dealer is one of the online gambling forms that excite. In case you are unable to get to a nearby land-based casino, and you are still willing to enjoy fantastic gameplay while making use of Bitcoin as a payment method, you can go for the online live dealer. Intertops happens to be one the live dealer casino that looks very appealing. It has been in the industry for over 20 years, and it happens to be a reputable provider for gambling services online

On Intertops, players are given a chance to enjoy a rewarding welcome bonus, and it recognizes Bitcoin as a payment method. Realtime Gaming is responsible for the powering of the fantastic winning casino

Provision is made for mobile gaming, and the players can select Instant pay or downloadable version