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Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which allows for fast, international and anonymous payments. For this reason, it has become a currency of choice for many gambler and several online Casino now accept Ether for deposits and withdrawals.

Ethereum Casino Guide- Top 5 Ethereum Gambling Sites 2020

These few years, the crypto-centric Casino has evolved with a lot gambling sitess that now specializes exclusively in deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency. Ethereum the second leading cryptocurrency when it comes to market capitalization now has its Casino website expanding in popularity. Ethereum Casino do involve not only traditional gaming titles like roulette, blackjack and slots but also fully-fledged facilities on sports betting.

Although any laws do not regulate crypto-Casino you still need to ensure you are playing at a safe platform. Because of that, we have come up with an Ultimate Guide to Ethereum Casino and Sportsbook inside this guide you will see my explanation of how the ethereum gambling operates and reasons behind it benefits offers on fiat-based betting; also we made mention of the best five Ethereum platforms that are in the Casino market presently.

Advantages of Ethereum Casino

  • It offers an instant deposit and withdrawal which is processed within 10 minutes.
  • It offers free writers of Casino gaming titles for selection.
  • It offers fully-fledged facilities for Sports Betting system is as lower house ages.
  • All transactions on the Ethereum Casino platform are transparent as they are being posted to the blockchain.
  • You can select from live deluxe or software again.
  • It can be played with via a mobile device or desktop.

Disadvantages of Ethereum Casino

  • Unlike the traditional Casino space Ethereum Casino don't have strict regulations.
  • Involves a higher gambling risk so it is advisable to play with an amount you can afford to let go.

The best six Ethereum Casino and sports book in 2020

Below are the best 6 Ethereum Casino and sportsbook platform in 2020

FortuneJack best Casino gaming titles and Sports Betting platform.

You cannot talk about the best Casino around sportsbook platform in the Ethereum Casino space without mentioning FortuneJack. Firstly FortuneJack provide thousands of traditional Casino gaming titles in which include a department of a full table that includes several roulette, Baccarat and blackjack variations. Not only that, but the platform also offers live dealers for those who wish to experience the game from their comfort zone. Aside from the table department, the platform provides hundreds of video slots that range from basic 3-reels slots to progressive jackpots.

Also, you will be accessing a state-of-the-art Ethereum sports betting facility of the platform. Irrespective of the kind of the game you are looking for, be it, soccer, football, cricket, rugby, tennis or basketball you will find it on the Fortunejack platform. Besides, you cannot only access the pre-match of your chosen game but also access an in-player betting facility; this gives you the opportunity of placing a bet as the game is being played.

Lastly, one thing that makes Fortunejack the number one Ethereum Casino platform is due to its seamless system of payment. You will receive an instant transfer of funds into your ethereum wallet by the FortuneJack team as soon as they requested withdrawal. Finally Fortunejack makes the number one spot because of its seamless payment system. More specifically, as soon as you make a withdrawal request the team at FortuneJackie automatically transfer the funds into your ethereum wallet. As such you should receive the money in just a few minutes

2. (secure online Casino with great welcome rewards) was founded in February 2017, this online Casino is known not only for promoting its users to play and extensive range of Casino gaming titles by making use of cryptocurrencies but also for offering a secure gambling site that is managed professionally. Presently, this Casino is recognised among the top online US Casino and also recognised in other countries as one of the top online Casino.

Talking about game variety, this Casino platform meet more than gamblers expectations by providing a total of over 300 gaming titles and also support poker, craps, slots, roulette, lottery, blackjack and many more Casino gaming titles. Among gaming titles that this platform offers include Blackjack Surrender, Roulette European, Rocket Dice, Oasis Poker, Pontoon, Lucky Sweets, Scratch Dice, Fire Lightining, Aztec Magic, Book of Pyramids and Luxury Lady’s Clover. This platform operates on software provided mainly by Endorphina, Booming Gaming titles, Belatra, Betsoft, and Bgaming. offers a welcome reward of about 5 BTC or its equivalent on ETH, and this is one of the best welcome rewards you can ever come across in the Casino industry and you are advised to sign up on this platform quickly if you are yet to do so.

This welcome reward is offered to 100% matchup of up to 1 BTC on the first deposit. In contrast, the second and third deposit rewards work as a 50% reward, whereas gamblers on every deposit can claim to 2BTC or its Ethereum equivalent.

3. mbit (Best Casino Suite)

One disappointing thing about this platform is that it does not offer any Ethereum sportsbook. Nevertheless this was made up for by the platform through its huge Ethereum suite. This begins with its highly comprehensive slot departments, many of the slots that are on this platform are provided by leading software providers that run in the old Fiat market meaning that you will be able to access water pipe gaming titles that must go through a process of regulation before they are launched into the online space. If you're not a fan of slots, mBit provides all type of imaginable Casino gaming titles. The kind of game you play doesn't matter as we find varieties of gaming titles on this platform such as crap video poker blackjack or virtual gaming titles if it exists. Like Fortunejack mBit is also known for its quick deposit and withdrawal. Once fantastic thing about the withdrawal process of this platform is that it is automated meaning all you need is to wait for a couple of minutes to get your winnings. In addition to offering a large Casino suite, mBit is among our Casino list due to its welcome reward which is among the leading welcome rewards in the Casino industry. In short or newbies will have the opportunity of claiming the Ethereum equivalent of 5 BTC when they sign up on this platform. This welcome reward is offered to 110 percent matched deposit reward of 1 BTC or its ETH equivalent and also additional deposit rewards of 4 BTC or it's ETH equivalent.

4. Playamo – Best for multi-currency deposits

One interesting thing about this platform is that it offers an extensive range of deposit options that include cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin CashBitcoin and Ethereum. Also for those who wish to deposit quickly with Fiat currency play Elmo got you covered. This platform also offers a wide range of popular gaming titles which include a classic table department that provide several twist to conventional gaming titles such as roulette and blackjack.

Also play Abu offers a lot of live dealers in case you're not willing to play via a software dealer and he is an excellent offer for those who love to play gaming titles from their comfort zone. How late it is disappointing to know that the player who team is here to install an Ethereum sports betting facility meaning that fans of ethereum Sports Betting facility have no place on this platform. New beats are offered 100% matched deposit reward which amounts to the 8th equivalent of €100 full-stop

5. Betchain (best Ethereum Casino for reputation)

If you are the type that is looking for an ethereum gambling platform with an excellent reputation in the online space then you might want to consider bed change. Betchain website was launched in 2013 and this makes it to be among the most established in the Casino Arena of digital currency. However best chain offers a comprehensive list of traditional gaming titles which include classic table gaming titles such as blackjack and violet also more than virtual game. To be specific betchain is an excellent choice for friends of video poker gaming titles. This platform has 16 individual game titles which include famous Creations like 50 poker all American double of deuces wild and Joker poker. Another thing that impresses us about this platform is its range of game title that suits almost the needs of gamblers and these include jackpot plot I will explode and provably fair slots to stop lastly if you're looking for a welcome package then you are lucky to be on this platform as it offers newbies 100% matched deposit reward of 1 BTC or 80th equivalent full stuff aside from the 200 free slot machines paints the Welcome package also provide extra rewards when you make your second and third deposit full stop in conclusion if you are seeking a comprehensive Casino suits then you are in the right place but chain but the unfortunate thing is that there is no ethereum Sports Betting facility on this platform.

6. 1xbit (Great for Casino and Sports Betting fans alike)

Just like Fortunejack times beat is an excellent choice if you are trying to blend Ethereum Casino gaming titles without a goal Sports Betting all-in-one platform. Talking about it's possible or departments 1 x 5000 of individual braids in markets across dozens of sport and this includes famous sport like basketball baseball and soccer as well as less common events like that and badminton. The Casino department at one time is beat is just as comprehensive as its sports book. You can select from hundreds of innovative plans that include several progressive jackpot. You can also select from several table gaming titles both the original form and with a twist. 4-player that Francis video poker 1xbit to go to cover. What interest of the most about 1xbit is it quick deposit and withdrawal transactions. Your funds are instantly transfer ride back to your wallet as soon as the initiator withdrawal request full-stop currently 1xbit offers a welcome reward of 7 BTC or its equivalent two people that are just signing up on the platform.

How to register and deposit funds at an Ethereum Casino

. If you are comfortable with online gambling then you would know that there is no difference between the ectoderm Casino process and does explained earlier to stop to cut the long story short I would first create an account deposit some cash and start sweating and then with some luck with all your winnings. Having said that you will discover as we would later discuss in details that there are however some salient differences between Ethereum Casino and that of its Fiat currency counterpart.

Before going deeper in exploring that further let us give you a step-by-step guide on how the ectoderm Casino process was.

Step 1: choose a trusted Casino sportsbook

. First and foremost you need to find an Instagram Casino platform that meets your needs to stop initially you will need to access whether you want to gamble on Casino gaming titles like blackjack and roulette sports or a combination of the two. If it is the later then you will want to choose a platform that covers both format otherwise you will need to have multiple accounts full-stop nevertheless if you scroll up towards the top of this page will recommend the best five Ethereum gambling platform currently in the market. Once you have chosen your preferred platform you will then need to open an account.

Step 2: Open an account.

In order to start gambling at your preferred Ethereum Casino you will initially need to open an account. The good news for you is that the process is significantly easier in comparison to traditional various platforms not least because they are able to grab you and only mostly. As such the account opening process only requires your email address and a strong password. Once you have done that you are done ready to deposit some funds.

Step 3: Deposit funds.

Now that you have opened an account you will need to deposit some ethereum. First you need to fix it the deposit page of your respective ethereum Casino. Once there you need to copy your unique Ethereum wallet address to your clipboard and then head over to your private wallet. Once you have made the transfer of gambling website typically take no more than 10 minutes to credit the font. I ever it is usually much faster than this.

Step 4: Gamble responsibly.

Now that you have fun did your newly created Ethereum Casino or sportsbook account you are now ready to start playing full-stop typically we find the type of gamer department listed at the top of the page for example cloth table gaming titles sport. Once your game is loaded on screen you don't need to set your betting parameters. For example if you're playing blackjack you will need to select your steak pie and. The good news for you is that in-game balances are displayed in US dollars. Otherwise it would be super difficult to assess how much you actually gambling and does a decimal in the wrong place could be catastrophic.

Step 5: Withdraw your winnings.

Once you have decided that you want to catch your winnings out the process is seamless to stop being cleared over to your account dashboard and select the widower bought him full-stop firstly you need to choose how much you want to withdraw in EVA Air. Next you need to enter the ethereum wallet address that you want the funds sent to . Once again you will need to ensure that you take extra care as once the widower is processed there is no going back. Finally what's the confirmed that the enter details are correct the phone should arrive in your private ethereum Wallet in less than a few minutes.

What gaming titles can I play at an Ethereum game Casino?

Casino operate largely in the same way as any other online gambling platform when it comes to the game you soon. By this will mean that you have access to thousands of individual Casino gaming titles at the click of a button. Mark over the first majority of Casino gaming titles offered by a Korean gambling platforms are hosted by the state-regulated software developers that service the Wyatt Casino peaceful stop nevertheless we have listed the main gaming department that you find at an Ethereum Casino below.

Table gaming titles

One of the most popular gaming sectors in the online gambling space is that of classic table gaming titles. This includes the likes of blackjack and roulette as well as crafts and baccarat full-stop however unlike the traditional land-based Casino in Ethereum gambling platforms typically leads dozens of variations. For example in the blackjack department you might find Multi and blackjack blackjack switch Spanish blackjack and Bronson. Over in the dollar section variations include European dollars American dollars and French Roulette.

Ethereum Slots

At Casino will host hundreds of slots titles within their gaming suit system for those of you that prefer classic slots do we find Heaps of basic 3D real Gaming titles to choose from. While this typically offer no trees or steals this is what employers prefer. If you are more interested in slot titles that are packed with heaps of rewards and features you will also have dozens of titles to choose from full-stop finally for those of you that want to change that life-changing win most ethical Casino will host progressive jackpot slot. This is where the underlying software is linked with other Casino meaning that the jackpot progressively increasing as more and more people play system Video Poker

Did you know that video poker offers one of the lowest house agent in the Casino fair? With that being said most Ethereum gambling platform will offer a number of different titles to stop while the who's typically remain constant some titles offer a slight twist to the original game that first Rose to prominence in the 1960s. On top of a super low house Edge video poker is also popular because it allows gamblers to set their own limits. In other words as each and is offered as a fixed multiplier your steak sides with dictate the top jackpot price up to a maximum amount.

Virtual gaming titles.

Outside of the main three game department listed above 1000 Casino will also offer a dedicated virtual gaming titles rooms. This can be anything from a virtual horse racing to chino to online scratch cards to stop this gaming titles typically appeal to gamblers that crave nonstop action as most gaming titles rarely last for more than 30 seconds to stop once again you get to set your own Steak or most virtual gaming titles. For example if you're playing a virtual scratch card that offers a top price of 1000 time is take of the eth equivalent of $10 would hit a jackpot of 10000 dollars to stop on the other and a $1 stake would be the jackpot of $1000 to stop

What markets can I bet on at an Ethereum sport book?

You prefer Sports Betting over traditional Casino gaming titles then it again sports book are well worth considering full story of some of the main features and benefits that it again Sports Betting platforms offer.

Sports and market

Regardless of what it again sports books you are using we find the first majority of sports-related. Popular sports which typically have the most individual betting markets include the likes of circle American football basketball tennis and baseball full-stop less popular sports are also offered such as that F1 cricket badminton and even his fault. In terms of available market the likes of Fortune Jack offers excellent player choice. For example if you are to bet on a game of soccer you Can Bet on much more than just the window or we market system on the contrary you Can Bet on the number of gold yellow cab corners and more.

Pre-match and In-play

As is a normal standard in the online betting Arena exports would allow you to bet on a game both free match and in play. Regarding the former you will typically be offered more competitive odds and the larger number of Markets if you place a bet before kick-off full story ever a number of markets are also available why the game is still on to stop in most cases there is a 62 10-second delay when bursting in play to counter the risk of malpractice.


The cashout feature is still a relatively new benefits in the Ethereum betting-arena. In a nutshell this allows you to catch your breath out before it has been settled. For example let's see that you have a $50 bet on Brazil beating Argentina in the soccer World Cup. Although Brazil is winning 221 with 20 minutes left to play you think that Argentina is likely to get the next go to stop at this point you have two options. You can do to leave your birth as it is and hope for the best. Or you can use the cash out feature to take a guaranteed profits Albert 4 Less Than what you would have got I didn't left the better one. However although you do get less you are guaranteeing your profit in the event that the birds suddenly goes against you!

Ethereum Casino rewards: how they work?

One of the best things about ethereum Casino platform is that in the vast majority of cases new gamblers will be offered a welcome package. This will consist of a reward or a number of rewards as a means to entice you to the Casino. I've ever there is much to learn about ethereum Casino rewards not least because the need to have a firm grasp of how the underlying terms and conditions typically work. Before we all read the fine print let's explore out some of the most common Ethereum Casino rewards work.

Matched deposit reward.

Without a doubt the most common welcome reward that is offering two new gamblers is that of a matched deposit reward in a nutshell the Casino in question will match your first deposit amount by certain percentage usually Hundred percent up to a certain amount.

Here is an example of how it works.

  • Your chosen Casino offers all new gamblers 100% match reward of up to 1 ETH.
  • As such you decide to open an account and deposit 1 ETH.
  • As the reward much is your first deposit by 100% will be given an additional 1 ETH on top of the 1 ETH you have already deposited.
  • This means that your Casino starting balance is 288 even though you only deposited 1 ETH.

Matched deposit rewards are not always matched like-for-like. On the contrary you might find a business that offers less or more than hundred percent. Ultimately you want to claim a reward with the highest percentage rate and the highest maximum deposit amount.

Free spins

Much like in the case of March deposit reward Casino will only offer free spins as part of a welcome package. This is where you are awarded the number of free slot machine spins that typically need to be used on a specific game. The free spins might come as a standalone reward or alongside a more traditional business such as they marched deposit full-stop hid away free spins are hugely popular in the online Casino space because they are effectively risk-free.

Here is an example of how the work.

  • An Ethereum Casino offers all new gamblers 20 free slot machine spins.
  • As such you open an account and make a deposit.
  • The free spins need to be used on the mega moolah slot title so you load up the game.
  • After using yours 20 free spins you want a total of $30.
  • Your $30 in winnings have not been added to your reward balance which you can use on any other game of your choice.

No deposit reward

Although less widespread than the other reward pipes that we have discussed this far no deposit rewards do pop up from time to time. As the name suggests the Ethereum Casino in question will give you a reward without requiring you to make a deposit nor will you need to link up any payment details. Instead your Casino account to be funded with reward front secretly for registering and I can't.

Here is how it works

  • A new Ethereum Casino is offering a no-deposit reward of $10
  • As such you decide to open an account.
  • As soon as you confirm your email address your Casino account will have the 8th equivalent of $10 credited to his reward balance full stop.
  • You head over to the slots department and use your $10 which subsequently Returns $100 in winnings.
  • Your $100 winnings are then transferred to your reward balance which you can use on any other game of your choice.

As the Casino is effectively giving you a risk-free chance of walking away a winner the size of no deposit rewards are relatively small in comparison to what you can get very much deposit reward. In fact Ethereum Casino will also give you the choice of the two.

Ethereum Casino rewards for existing gamblers

Although the most lucrative rewards are typically reserved for those that are here to open an account with the Casino the best platforms will also look after their existing gamblers. This is a way for the Casino to ensure that they retain their gamblers long-term rather than seeing them leave as soon as the Welcome reward has been consumed. Much like in the case of welcome rewards there is a range of existing reward pipes that we need to on gravel in more detail.

Reload deposit

Similar in nature to a more conventional much deposit reward Casino will also offer existing gamblers in note deposit reward to stop. In its most basic form this will see Casino match your deposit up to a certain amount. In most cases this would be on a certain day of the week meaning that gamblers can take advantage of the low deposit on a weekly basis to stop for example a Casino might offer a 50% Reload Reward every Wednesday mini there to deposit amount would have 50% added to eat in the form of reward font.

Here is an example of how a Reload Reward work.

  • Every Monday your chosen Ethereum Casino offers a 50% Reload Reward up to 1 ETH.
  • You decide to maximize the reward so you deposit 1 ETH.
  • As such your new Balance is now 1.5 ETH even though you only deposited 1 ETH.
  • You repeat the same process every Monday to make full use of the weekly Reload Reward.

Rewards program

Much in the same way as a weekly Reload Reward, Ethereum Casino will also offer an ongoing rewards program as a means to keep you on their platform long-term. All the all the specifics who ferry from Casino to Casino host rewards program will give you points every time you perform a key account from shin full-stop notably this is really includes deposit and pets. For example the Ethereum Casino might give you 10 points for every $10 that you deposit and a further 20 points for every $10 that you bit. Once you have accumulated enough points you can then exchange your rewards point for a number of twelve.

This can include the following:

  • Cash
  • Rewards
  • Free bets
  • Gift
  • Event Ticket.

VIP Program

On top of rewarding gamblers in the form of PT most Ethereum Casino will also offer existing gamblers a chance to become a VIP player. In order to achieve this you will typically need to demonstrate that you use the Ethereum Casino in question as your proprietary platform. In other words if you take large amounts on a frequent basis he will likely be invited to join the VIP program what's the do you will be accustomed to a range of pet that standard gamblers could only dream of! This include the following:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Enhanced betting odds
  • Free Bet
  • VIP-only Promotions
  • Lower wagering requirements
  • Access to VIP-only rooms.

Understanding the times of an Ethereum Casino reward

As lucrative as the above Casino rewards can be it is crucial that you understand how the underlying themes typically work. Once again although the specific times will vary depending on your chosen platform and the reward in question we have outlined the key conditions that you will all but certainly need to meet.

Wagering requirement

The most important condition that you need to look out for when claiming an Ethereum Casino reward is that of the wagering requirements. In fact the respective of the types of reward for you can be certain that the wage requirement condition will apply Food store in its most basic from the wagering requirements relate to the amount of times that you need to wager the reward from before you can make a withdrawal. Such a requirement is installed by Casino platform to ensure that you don't attempt to withdraw your reward funds as soon as they are credited to tested Ethereum gambling websites want you to use the reward points to test out their gaming suit. In doing so although you might turn your reward funds into withdrawal winning the hope that once you have tried out the platform you will remain with the Casino long-term. So wagering requirements are always expressed as a multiple social * 20 * 44 * 45. For example if you are given a reward of $50 and wagering requirement is 10 time then you will need to gamble at least $500 before you can request a withdrawal full stop in this respect the wind requirements will play a major role in whether or not you can realistically turn the reward funds into withdrawable cash. Essentially the higher the wagering multiplier the harder it will be to cash out the reward phone. On average a game Casino usually play the Ouija requirement of around 40 times on their rewards although this can be both higher or lower.

Eligible Gaming titles

The second thing that you need to look out for when claiming an decagon deposit reward is the type of gaming titles that you can use your reward front on full store in fact this also links directly into the infection on widgeon requirements. In effect every Casino will stipulate how much a particular game contributes to the wagering requirements. For example why slots will all but certainly contributes hundred percent classic table gaming titles like blackjack and roulette will likely only contribute 10% to stop let's take a look at a couple of examples. Let see that you claim a $300 reward in the wagering requirements of 10 x. This means that you need to gamble a total of $300 before you can withdraw the reward runs out 10 times $300. You check the terms of conditions and see the slots contribute 100% to the wage requirements meaning that every dollar that to gamble will go towards your wage requirement of $300 full-stop however if you are to play Blackjack instead of not only 10% of your stake would go towards the wagering requirement I get out of this would effectively meaning that only 0.10 dollar of every dollar that gumbo would contribute to the wage requirements. I thought you will need to gamble at least three thousand dollars before you could make a withdrawal if you are to only play Blackjack.

Time limit

The final key time that you need to access when claiming an Ethereum Casino reward is that of the time limit in this vast majority of cases you will only be given a certain amount of time to meet the wagering requirements before they expire. This can be as short as seven days although most platform give you a full month. As a result he will want to choose a reward that gives you the longest amount of time to meet the wagering requirements. If you don't manage to do this your reward funds with simply be taken away.

How do I choose an Ethereum Casino or sportsbook?

So now that you know the ins-and-outs of how an interim Casino works and how you can maximize their chances of coming out a welcome reward we are now going to highlight some of the most important factors that you need to look out for when choosing an atrium Casino sportsbook filter what makes me this section is of the utmost importance as a need to choose a platform that not only meet your needs but that is safe and secure to.


As you will be entrusting your funds with the Ethereum cafe know your first port of call is to look at the platform's reputation in the online space. Initially it might be a good idea to access along the platform has been in business. If you scroll to the very top of this page and explore the five platforms that will you will be entrusting your funds with the Ethereum cafe know your first port of call is to look at the platform's reputation in the online space. Initially it might be a good idea to access along the platform has been in business. If you scroll to the very top of this page and explore the five platforms that will recommended you will see that most operators have been trading for at least five years. This had a significant amount of weight to the Ethereum Casino credentials to stop it is also worth exploring player is used in the public domain. This is an excellent way to access the experiences of gamblers that have actually use the Casino in question.

Deposits and withdrawals

You should only choose an ethereum Casino that offers instant deposit and withdraw was so stop by this will mean that the entertainment system is automated system in terms of deposit we only recommend platforms that credit your account as soon as the block chain has confirmed the transaction as valid. At the other end of the spectrum we prefer platforms that automatically process with our request as soon as they are made. In doing so you will receive your winnings in just a few minutes. This is a Stark contrast to Fiat currency Casino who typically make you wait for days on end before you receive your winnings back.


The types of rewards and over by the Ethereum Casino in question should also be considered while making your decision on which Casino to join. You will want to choose a platform that offers a lucrative welcome package. Not only this but try to opt for rewards that come with the lowest region requirements and the longest expiry date to stop it is also important to choose an ATM Casino that offers rewards and promotions to existing gamblers. This will ensure that you are able to choose a platform that you can remain on long-term. Gaming suits and betting market you should also make some considerations about how comprehensive the platform is in terms of gambling products. If you are looking for a conventional Casino platform then spend some time exploring how many gaming titles the operator hosts. It is also worth seeing what software developers the platform has partnered with, as this will determine the quality of the end-to-end gaming experience.

If you’re instead looking to bet on sports, you should look to see how many markets the platform in question offers. You want to choose an Ethereum betting site that offers thousands of markets at competitive odds, both pre-match and in-play.

Customer Support

Although much emphasis has not been really laid on this point over time, you should however ensure that you choose an Ethereum Casino that offers top-notch customer care service. In most cases, this should include a 24-hour live chat facility that allows you to receive help whenever

Needed around the clock. It is also important that you are connected to a live agent in the quickest time possible, as long waiting times can be tiring and annoying if you need speedy assistance.

Are Ethereum Casino safe?

One of the most essential points to note when playing at an Ethereum Casino is that in most cases, the industry is largely not controlled by any regulatory body. Some platform do hold a gaming license from the Curacao Control Gaming Board, but this offers gamblers very little consumer safeguards. In fact, if the platform suddenly folds up or goes bankrupt, there would be very little you can do in terms of getting your money back. Having said that, the Ethereum Casino industry is largely built on trust. This is why you should only use a platform that has built a solid, long-standing reputation in the space. As we noticed earlier, most of the Casino that we have recommended in this review have been operational for not less than five years. This ensures that the Casino has verifiable track record in the Ethereum gambling arena.

Ultimately, while there is never any guarantee that your funds are 100% safe, by choosing an established Ethereum Casino with a good reputation, you can ensure that you are able to gamble in a safe and secure environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Ethereum Casino Offer Rewards?

All of the Ethereum Casino that we have recommended in this review offer new gamblers a welcome reward. This is typically offered as a matched deposit reward, and sometimes you’ll also get free

Spins. Regarding the former, a 100% deposit reward would mean that your first deposit is doubled. For example, a $10 deposit would leave you with a starting balance of $20.

  1. What is a reward wagering requirements?

Each and every reward that you are entitled to will have ‘wagering requirement’ attached to it. As briefly discussed earlier, this is the number of times that you need to gamble your reward funds before you can request a withdrawal. For example, if the wagering requirement was 20x, and you received $50 in reward funds, then you would need to gamble at least $1,000 before you could withdraw the reward.

  1. Can I play poker at Ethereum Casino?

If what you have in mind is the video poker, then yes, a lot of Ethereum Casino have and allows you to play a couple of classic video poker gaming titles. If otherwise (i.e. you are referring to the traditional table form of the game) then a number of Ethereum Casino have begun offering this.

  1. What is the minimum deposit amount at an Ethereum gambling site?

Ethereum Casino typically allow you to deposit as much or as little as you want. Ultimately. As Ethereum Casino don’t need to worry about debit/credit transaction fees, they are much more flexible when it comes to deposit limits.

  1. How do I make a withdrawal from an Ethereum Casino or Sportsbook?

When you are ready to make your withdrawal, what you need to do is raise a withdrawal request from within your account portal. Once you have entered the amount you intend to withdraw, alongside the Ethereum wallet address that you want your money sent to, the Casino will execute the request automatically. As such, you should receive the coins in just a few minutes.