Buy-and-Sell Merchandise and Services P2P with Crypto
Allforcrypto will provide a blockchain-based platform for the sale of goods and services with its own utility token for funding operations.
ICO token sale ends in:
$5000 contribution received
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White Paper
1 AFCT ICO token price
0.25 US Dollar
ICO Participants
Why choose us?

Allforcrypto brings a blockchain-based solution to the issues that arise in P2P buying and selling goods and services online.

Allforcrypto аllоwѕ users tо buу аnd ѕеll items for bitcoin and аltсоinѕ, perfect mоnеу, аnd wеbmоnеу. Our vеrу оwn escrow service аnd the indереndеnt coinpayments escrow, whiсh uѕеrѕ саn uѕе аlѕо if thеу wish, assures the security of payments and merchandise or service quality.

As Allfоrсrурtо iѕ a mainly a сrурtосurrеnсу mаrkеtрlасе, it makes use of the available protections that these systems of payment afford. Payments in bitcoin, litecoin or any other altcoin are safe from fraud thanks to the blockchain ledger. Wе do not accept аnу оthеr forms of payments ѕuсh аѕ bаnk transfers and credit саrdѕ due tо thе сhаnсе оf frаud bу thе рurсhаѕеr. In this wау, the seller is juѕt as рrоtесtеd аѕ thе buуеr which iѕ nоt thе case оn ѕuсh sites аѕ еBау.

Softcap target precentage hit
Hardcap target precentage hit
Time till ICO is complete
How allforcrypto and blockchain will revolutionize the concept of the online marketplace
Our Tokens
What is Allforcrypto token?
AFCT is a token based on Waves blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new Allforcrypto Marketplace.

Smart Wallet

Most transactions are almost real-time (up to 1,000 transactions/second) with low cost and no blockchain download necessary.


Buyers can use their tokens to purchase items listed on the website. Discounts and bonuses will be made to incentivize users, using the token. Sellers can get reduced fees using the tokens and also purchase special promotions for their items – for example, highlighting the item on the site, or promoting it via our twitter/Facebook pages, etc.

Our Tokens


The token value of the platform will not decrease unless some extreme event happens in the market (please refer to frequently asked questions), so token holders may be assured of the value of the token even in the volatile crypto market.


Our token is on the waves platform.Waves have never been hacked and are one of the safest platforms/ wallets in the crypto sphere today. On top of this security, we will develop a secure backup blockchain, independent of waves platform that will backup wallet and token information incase of the highly unlikely event of waves becoming compromised
Token distribution
  • 65 million ICO Sale
  • 12 million Staff
  • 9 million Reserve+exchanges
  • 7 million Founder
  • 5 million PRE ICO Sale
  • 2 million Bounty
PRE-ICO funds
  • 40% Hire Staff
  • 35% Marketing ICO
  • 10% Website Development
  • 10% Legal
  • 5% Escrow
ICO funds
  • 50% Marketing And Promotion
  • 23% Reserve+Exchanges
  • 20% Operations
  • 5% Website Development
  • 2%Legal
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Ocotober-December 2018
2020 and onwards
Continue development and operation
January-March 2019
Marketing Upcoming ICO
March-August 2019
ICO Launch
August-December 2019
Mass marketing campaign of the website
for Sellers
No more chargebacks


No need to worry about fraudulent chargebacks. Since we only accept non-chargebackable payment options, problems for vendors are a thing of the past.

Promote your products with ease


We have installed the latest and greatest in social media sharing technology on our site. Advertise your products with a few clicks of a button to the likes of Facebook and Twitter  

Low sellers fees

Allforcrypto has some of the lowest marketplace fees on the net. Why bother with the likes of eBay and Amazon who can charge up to 15 % of a sale if you include PayPal cut as well. With allforcrypto there are no hidden fees. It’s free to list and we only charge a 5% commission. only if you make a sale, Of course, AFCT token holders who hold a certain amount will receive a discount on commission

for Buyers
Low prices

With our low fees for sellers, vendors will be able to pass on savings to their customers, and this means lower prices for the consumer.


Be protected when you make a purchase with our escrow. Funds are locked away for 30 days until you confirm that you have received the goods you asked for and are happy with the product.

Spend that crypto

Finally a place for all you crypto enthusiasts to spend your crypto. Actually use crypto like it was intended.Now you can spend spend spend to your heart’s content

Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
william leen
Hitesh Patel
Mina Vucinic
Andrew Rosenbaum
Media Manager
Jan Emil Christiansen
Bounty/Social Media Manager
Igor Garlowski
Data Analyzer
Luis Carlos Pozo
PR and Communications Manager
Benjamin Leff
YouTube Content Creator
Archie Mile
Russian Social Media Manager
0 (6)
Codrut Gabriel Cumpanasu
Marketing Team
0 (7)
Salman Mohammad
Sales Team
Our Advisors
Guarantee Of The Project Success
Savio Gomez
General Advisor
Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
General Advisor
Kamal Mustafa
General Advisor
Simon Cocking
General Advisor
0 (1)
Lalit Bansal
General Advisor
Partners & Supporters
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AFCT tokens
Frequently asked questions

A cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy and sell items for crypto.

PRE-ICO tokens can be purchased from now until the 31 of December 2018(If not sold out already)

ICO tokens will go on sale if all goes to plan sometime in March 2019 but no set date as of yet

You can purchase tokens on the website once you have completed the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) requirements. .

Were currently Restricting the people from the following countries(USA, China, North Korea, Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen) from taking part in the PRE-ICO,ICO till further legal advice is taken .

Yes, you will need to do a KYC  to take part in PRE-ICO and ICO .

In no way, shape or form is the AFCT token a security token. It is a utility token for use on our platform only. The AFCT is not an investment, and does not pay a return.

Yes, we currently in talks with one of the most respected escrows in the business to host our PRE-ICO ,ICO .

Yes, the token will have a guaranteed price on our platform in the event the tokens price drops below it ICO value on the exchanges. The number includes a worst case scenario just in case we have a total crypto/financial meltdown and everybody what to use their tokens all at once. To be honest, I can’t see us ever going over holding 50% of the total coins in circulation and the market price of the token being below the ICO price at the same time but I included the numbers anyway.
The guaranteed price will depend on the % of tokens we currently hold Here how it will work
The total % of coins we hold (including staff and founder tokens)

0-40%   =ICO token price

40%-50%=-10% of ICO token price

50%-60=-20% of ICO token price

60-70%=-30 of ICO token price

80-90%=-60% of ICO token price

90-100%=-85 of ICO token price



Since you’re sending files with a password protected zip file Dropbox our anybody else who is not supposed to have it will not have access to your documents. The CEO will be the only one to have excess to your documents to verify then. After we receive the files it will be transferred to a USB key then deleted off Dropbox. Same goes for your password that will be deleted off our email server as soon as we have had received it. From there, then they will be open on a computer that will never be connected to the internet in case someone tries to be cute and send a virus/trojan in one of the files. All files will be anti-virus scanned anyway, but there always one that might get through. Without internet access they can send all the viruses they what and nobody will be able to steal your data. After we verified that you’re not from restricted country documents will then be stored on an encrypted USB key and deleted off the computer.